about last night (5) damn I'm good at cups

Chandler and Joey's. Chandler's plan seems to be working out as Joey wins game after game of foosball.
JOEY: Yes! I win again. That's 500 bucks you me.
CHANDLER: Okay, give me a chance to win my money back. One more game. death, one goal, $1,000.
JOEY: You ? Okay, ready to owe me. Here we go. Ready? Joey scores an own goal. Frustrated, he kicks the table and a leg breaks off.
CHANDLER: See? Now, why only the little plastic men are to do all the kicking.
JOEY: This , man. The last night you're here and I lose the two most important things in my life, the foosball table and $500.

CHANDLER: Well, there are other ways of winning back your money, about a little Blackjack?
JOEY: Nah, my game.
CHANDLER: Okay, how about... we could play a new game. Yes. A new game, it's fun.
JOEY: Well, it called? Cups? I don't know how to play Cups.
CHANDLER: I'll teach you. Come on, it's really easy and really fun. Okay, here you go. I have two queens, what do you have?
JOEY: A two and a five.
CHANDLER: Ho-ho, you win. 50 dollars. Okay, let's play again. What have you got?
JOEY: A four and a nine.
CHANDLER: You're , right? Well, that's a full cup.
JOEY: Damn. I am good at Cups.