about last night (9) how the hell do you lose at cups?

Chandler and Joey's. They are still playing Cups and Joey still hasn't realized he's being fooled.
CHANDLER: You win.
JOEY: Well, what did you have?
CHANDLER: It doesn't because nothing beats a three and a six. That, my friend, is D-Cup. Okay, now much have you won ? Not 700 exactly? Double it. You see, in Cups, once you get $700, you have to double it. Hey, I didn't the rules. Now, after you receive the doubling bonus, you get one card. Now, that one card could $100, bringing your total to 1,500. Don't get because that's not gonna happen you get... No way.

Later that day Chandler and Joey meet again. Joey is miserable.
CHANDLER: What's wrong?
JOEY: Ross and I were helping the girls pack, we a little break, I lost $1,500 to him in Cups.
CHANDLER: How did you lose at Cups?!
JOEY: The you lost. I started out with a King and a Queen, bam! Ross gets a 2 and a 3. Then I get a Jack and a King, boom! Ross gets a 4 and a 5. Ross was getting the Cup card, the D-Cup, the Sitting Down Bonus. , I didn't even get half a cup. Nothing. And he never played before . Y'know what I think? I think beginner's luck is very important in Cups.
CHANDLER: All right, let's play one more hand.
JOEY: I cannot lose another dime. I'm serious this time. , I wanna give you something. And let me give it to you before I pawn it for Cups money. Now, I want you to have the big white dog as a kinda of a thank you such a great roommate.
CHANDLER: I can't take the big white dog. You love it. But wait... I bought it from you? And your nice gesture would be giving it to me at a price, say $1,500?