lisa's letters: talking babies (4) the bottom line

By the way, you asked me about before, and we found out that the state of California will pay the mother 55% of her income for four weeks before the due date and six weeks after. The father gets the same for the six weeks after.  , although everyone knows that legally you get time off, not many people know about the pay from the state, so most don't take it.

The thing is that most people only get two weeks year, but more and more people taking it. They feel guilty and worry about who will do their work while they're gone. Even Luca is feeling some pressure not to take his full leave. Anyway, the mindset in this country is so --it's all about the , how to get more work done even if it breaks you, and it just keeps getting worse.

How is your summer going? Does Julia work full or part time now? That's funny about her working with Chris. It's a pretty  back there.  BTW, I'm sure the nosal is dead by now. I still can't believe he and I shared an office. Oh, the smell, and the craziness that South American jungle animal in a cage at my side.

I love hearing about your kids--they seem like real characters, but so different ( , since they're at very different ages). It's nice that you have someone to watch your son sometimes. It seems like watching a small child means that you do nothing else the whole day because they don't give you moment of peace. Am I right? I suppose I'll find out pretty soon. Anyway, the next time you hear from me, I'll probably be a new mom, so wish me luck. Cau, Lisa