little brother (1) why not us?

When the television series disappeared from our TV screens, I didn't really miss it much. But I wondered if we could play our own version of Big Brother in our household. I was to make a big mistake but had no idea at the time.

The similarities between the game show and our family life were too to ignore: six people who are in a horrible house in the suburbs of London, with no privacy and no hope of escape, forced to get with each other despite all their differences and the fact that they will soon begin to drive each other crazy.

Our house has always been almost exactly like the Big Brother house: the dull conversation, the games, the irritating tasks that are being for those . The big difference, obviously,, was that in the television series, the contestants were allowed to choose one person who they thought should be kicked out. I thought that was a great idea. If they could do it, then why not us? If they could get of those no one liked, so could we.

So I my wife and the boys together in the kitchen and asked them each to nominate two members of the family. Since it was my idea, I felt that I should not be in the nomination. But everyone else disagreed.