little brother (3) voting wisely

Then it was the 13-year-old's turn. He chose to nominate George, didn't really surprise any of us his older brother constantly beats him up. He also thought we should kick out the nine-year-old, everybody else far.

Then it was the nine-year-old's turn. He started by nominating his mother to take revenge for her nominating him. His second vote went against his seven-year-old younger brother, I know that he would miss him if he suddenly had nobody smaller to kick around.

Finally, it was the seven-year-old's turn. He voted wisely, nominating the only two of us who voted to get rid him. That meant me (I should have insisted voting secretly) - and, of course, the nine-year-old.

were the final scores: two votes to throw me out, two to kick out the seven-year-old, one to get rid of George, my wife and the 13-year-old... and five to say goodbye to the nine-year-old.

I could have known that the game was going to be a mistake. As soon as I announced the final scores, the nine-year-old gathered his favorite toys (one stuffed parrot, one Liverpool T-shirt and one Game Boy) and ran off the road. The five of us spent the next half-hour looking for him and then begging him to come back. I guess we don't really want to get rid of him all.