my little room (2) a space to live in

Having stickers on the door was an idea I got from a picture in a magazine. I started with one and have slowly - I'm still adding. When we were at a beach festival earlier this year we spotted this really bright van that totally and everyone seemed to be commenting on it in one way or another. Mom took a picture of it, and in the car on the way home she suggested that she could paint it on the wall. I immediately on the offer. Mom does a lot of painting in her spare time and she's really good at it. The whole family is very her, including Dad.

I'm generally disorganized and my room. I don't really care where I put or leave my clothes and I could go for weeks without cleaning up. I admit that the room feels more spacious when it's tidy but that still doesn't make the effort that I have to put into cleaning quite . I should also point out that Dad's home office is totally messy, so he's not exactly a good . What matters to me is that this is my space, and I'm the one who decides look like. Before you ask, no, I have no trouble finding things whenever I need to.

The stuff that I have in the room says a lot about my interests, but I still a space to live in rather than something to look at. It's not a work of art by any means, but then it wasn't meant to be one. I don't have a lot of from my childhood, except a hot-water bottle cover that I still keep above my bed. When I have my first adult room one day, I would like it to be the same as this one. But who knows how my tastes and interests will have changed I get a place of my own.