I wonder why we lost touch (1) falling out

I am writing because I've been why my friend Terri stopped calling. We were good friends for about a year and a half, we stay up all night talking on the phone and Terri would call almost every day. Everything seemed .

I came to her house one day before work to say hello and have a little chat. We talked for a and then I told her I had to leave work. She didn't want me to go but I . She asked me to come back after work that night at 2 in the morning. When I didn't up it really made her angry.

Another friend told me Terri tried to call me about six that night to see if I was home and she didn't talk to me for about a week after that. Then I came to see her the second time because my cousin had told me she had calling every night for about a week but I was never home.

So I went over to her house and we had a great time. I she must have me for not coming that night. She asked me if I wanted to spend the night and stay for dinner but I said no. I was going to my boyfriend's house after I left .