louie and pamela: at the airport (3-1)

LOUIE: Frankly, I'm shocked. You're such a tough person. I mean, you don't take any from anybody...
PAMELA: What does that have to do with ?
LOUIE: And here you are back to this guy? That's not who you are.
PAMELA: Who am I then? I mean, really. You think I'm a ?
LOUIE: I wouldn't that far. But the way I see it, he does all over you, this guy.
PAMELA: So that's how you see it, huh.
LOUIE: All I'm saying is, you need to for yourself.
PAMELA: Stop it. Don't make me feel more stupid than I already do.
LOUIE: I can't it. I have a hard time believing that you have no for me at all.
PAMELA: I don't. it into your head.
LOUIE: I think you do--you're just not aware of them yet. , Paris sucks.
PAMELA: How you know? You never foot outside New York.
LOUIE: That's what I . They eat snails wrapped up in frogs, for God's .
PAMELA: Right. Well, I'll take my .
LOUIE: yourself. But don't say you haven't been .