louie and pamela: at the airport (3-2)

PAMELA: me a hug, Louie. You are the most person I've ever known. And that's something.
LOUIE: Look, I'm not stupid. I it, I know what's going on here, okay? It's just that...
PAMELA: What? There will never be another me? That's .
LOUIE: It's the truth. don't meet somebody like you every day. I'm gonna wait.
LOUIE: It's my choice. I can if I want . You can't tell me not to.
PAMELA: I'd really you didn't.
LOUIE: Try stop me.
PAMELA: Louie, you're a good guy. But it, this is an unhealthy obsession that you have with me.
LOUIE: Maybe so, but it me warm at night. What do you want me to do it?
PAMELA: You gotta give yourself a , okay? Just get it.
LOUIE: Well, it's all I have. I lose that, I'm an empty shell.
PAMELA: You crying? Jesus Christ. Don't , man. I'm still here.
LOUIE: You're really going, aren't you?
PAMELA: Yes, Louie, I'm going.