luke's daughter (1) brace yourself

Lorelei: Rory, before we take , there's something that I need you to know. It's about Luke.
Rory: What is it? it quick. We have a train to catch.
Lorelei: yourself. Luke has a daughter. I've just found out.
Rory: What are you talking about? He can't have a daughter.
Lorelei: He does. I met her today. I mean, I didn't formally meet her, but I see her and I talked to her.
Rory: That must be some kind of a misunderstanding. There's no daughter. You must have heard wrong.
Lorelei: I I had. No, she's out there.
Rory: I don't believe it. this girl is, she's leading you on.
Lorelei: Thanks for supportive but no, I'm afraid she's the real deal.

VOCAB ... brace oneself na něco se psychicky připravit lead sb on vodit za nos take off vyrazit (na cestu)
the real deal něco opravdového (ne vymyšleného nebo neupřímného)

Rory: This doesn't make any sense. If Luke did have a daughter, he would told us a long time ago.
Lorelei: Well, I guess he's not proud of it or .
Rory: Is that why he's kept it from us? Because he's ashamed?
Lorelei: That and because he didn't know himself until very .
Rory: How he didn't know? Who's the mother? Do I know her?
Lorelei: I haven't found out who the mother is, but it out Luke has known for two months.
Rory: Are you saying that he waited two months to tell you?
Lorelei: Yes. Yes I am. What does this say about our relationship?
Rory: I'm sure he well.
Lorelei: Well, he'd .