luke's daughter (2) brace yourself

RORY: Did Luke explain why he put telling you for two months?
LORELEI: Yes, apparently he was confused. And I get that. I mean, am I. But still...
RORY: If you were in his shoes, you wouldn't keep a thing like that yourself.
LORELEI: Right. I mean, it's not we haven't told each other embarrassing stuff before. I would have gone right and told him.
RORY: That's what he should have done, too. It's the right thing to do. matter how confused or ashamed you are.
LORELEI: What does it mean, him keeping a secret like this? Doesn't he trust me?
RORY: I'm sure he does. It's just that he's a guy. Sometimes guys are really dumb.
LORELEI: Tell me about it. She's cute, the way. The daughter, I mean.
RORY: She is? I guess she have got the good looks from her mother. Just kidding.
LORELEI: No, you're right. She's smart, too. her Dad.
RORY: How can you be sure she's smart? You didn't talk to her long to know that.
LORELEI: Trust me, I tell. What is it with the next generation? You're all smarter than the rest of us.
RORY: Not necessarily. Although the whole, I guess you're right, we probably are.
LORELEI: Well, not only I feel stupid now, I'm seeing a guy who is afraid to open up to me. Am I freaking out?
RORY: You are, but I don't blame you. I be too.