luke's ball game

Ann her friend Tina along to the game and they seemed to get a big kick out of commenting on the way I was around and bumping into things. They also kept me about being all sweaty and wheezy, as if I was doing that on . Anyway, I can take a joke so none of that hurt my feelings at all.

Luke’s game came up and his team was all game long. The other team beat them to loose balls and were able to pass the ball through their like it was Swiss cheese. To their , Luke's team never gave up and kept fighting being behind the whole time. They ended up losing 4-0.

Even though Luke as goalie this week, he never got the chance, which is fine with him because he loves to run. He had 2 shots on goal, but couldn’t . He sat out the whole 3rd quarter and I was about to say something to the coach in the middle of the game, but I figured I'd leave my comments for practice when emotions aren’t so high. Poor Luke thought the coach was mad at him. I think it was an mistake, but I owe to Luke to bring it to the coach's .

By the way, Luke up getting a medal instead of a trophy this year for whatever reason, but he didn’t seem to . In fact, he was grinning and laughing for the rest of the day. He's just such an kid that gets along with everybody. Watching him made me realize once again how lucky I have been in life.