a lump on the couch: reader response

Wow. You I'm about to say. If you ask me, you were pretty unforgiving of him. Do I really have to point out that not everyone can be the life of the party, that not everyone social situations? There are people who fail to step up to the plate in situations like this, where they're expected to meet new people and make a good impression. That's a lot of pressure to handle and it wouldn't be the first time someone had a from the experience.

VOCAB: approach přístup ... ass zde: blbec ... assume předpokládat ... awkward nepříjemný, trapný (situace) ... be out to do st snažit se o něco, mít za cíl ... break the ice překonat úvodní fázi ostychu při společenských příležitostech ... bring st up zmínit, nadhodit (téma) ... give sb the benefit of the doubt rozhodnout se někomu věřit ... hold up one's end of the bargain dodržet svůj díl dohody ... in the long run z dlouhodobého hlediska ... lash out mlátit kolem sebe ... meltdown kolaps, zhroucení ... step up to the plate vzít na sebe odpovědnost a něco provést ... the life of the party člověk, kolem něhož se na večírku všechno točí ... trait povahový rys ... who on earth are you kdo proboha jste

The guy had never met your friends before. Maybe it's because you never it, maybe it's because he's a shy person who found himself among a group of new people . Let me ask you this, did you hold up your end of the bargain by at least bringing up something he might with them in order to help break the ice? That's what the host/hostess does, you know. Everyone has their part and role to play. Maybe the way he situations is by shutting down, getting quiet and pretending to be tired. Maybe the reason he keeps to himself is so that he doesn't make a . Or maybe he's afraid he'll embarrrass you somehow or make you look bad in front of your friends.

Instead of letting him explain his quietness at your party you to work on it together, you assume the worst and lash out in several different ways. relationships are made of. You're supposed to give the people you care about benefit of the doubt. If you can't, either you should try to , or you should look for a new relationship. I'd suggest that you learn how to be more forgiving. It'll do you a lot of good . It'll also help you not to take things like that so personally. You acted as if he was out to get you somehow. Do you honestly believe that?

Why don't you put this into practice right now. I suggest you give all of this some time to cool off. Give the guy instead of assuming he'll keep your ticket or keep your neck pillow. I'm pretty sure if you ask nicely, he'll most likely give them back. I mean, why on earth wouldn't he?