dear marjorie (2) strangely quiet

Or maybe Jim thought I was happy to write the letters by hand and then spending hours them legible. I guess that's what husbands to think, isn't it? Well, there's no complaining about that, as we all know. Some things never change. And when they do, it's usually for the .

My brother Robert, whom you may met during your stay, took a job as a chartered accountant recently. I can't wondering though why it was him, of all people, who got . He has never had a way with numbers and he even got kicked out of the School of Economics because he had a couple of exams.

How on earth is he going to with all the work? Will he be able to hold up if things go wrong somehow? , I don't think so. But so far he's been doing fine so I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. In , knowing him quite well, I believe he would go far if he were a little less self-conscious.

It is strangely quiet in the house right now. Jim is having a shower, Andrew seems to be doing his homework (or pretending to, is much more likely) and Irene has gone to church. I not find enough time to write another letter for quite a while, but please do write back. Love, Maggie