marry or not marry (3) right off the bat

let's get one thing straight right off the --my high school days sucked big time
at least in terms of dating, but isn't that all that at that age? somehow, despite my looks, I had a horrible time making friends
like, when I started high school I was sure boys would be me, right?
except they weren't and it took me years to why that was

well, it turns out redheads are not in high among high school boys
apparently, guys are much more to blondes for some reason
I was shocked to discover that, obviously (and I'm still getting it, by the way)
and as a result, I guys altogether for a while, which wasn't easy
what I'd do was I wouldn't even talk to a guy, unless he spoke to me first

now, don't get me wrong, I still went to the pool and at the mall
I mean, I had to keep myself or else I would have gone crazy
I needed to feel like I'm part of , like I'm in with the , that sort of thing
but other than that, I tried not to a whole lot of attention to guys
seeing as where I'm at right now, I'm afraid it has stayed with me