mary's story (1) running into lisa

Lisa and I were good friends in high school but when of us went to a different college we stopped each other. After college, I began to work as a volunteer in Peace Corps and I was to choose a country in eastern Europe where I was going to teach English. I really wanted to go to a more exotic place, Africa, but it had to be Europe. I looked at all the and finally I chose the Czech Republic. I had no idea what to expect but I was pretty excited.

Anyway, the day before I left I was shopping for some stuff at the mall when I into Lisa. She had just from college and was wondering what to do next. When I told her I was going to Europe, she even more excited than I was. I politely offered to take her with me and she said yes . At first I was a little angry at myself for making the offer but then I that having someone with me might be fun. And it was.

Lisa arrived in UH about two weeks after I . We were an apartment near the town center right next to a kindergarten. My job was to teach little kids at an elementary school. They were and they seemed to love me so much.