mary's story (2) our lives apart

I didn't have much outside of school, though. Lisa is outgoing than I am and she made new friends instantly. I'm a little shy myself so it but we soon began to hang out with the same crowd. We stayed in UH for two years and we both had a . After we left, each of us went to a different place in the States but we still didn't live too far from each other.

Lisa bought a place in Iowa city while I returned to Minnesota. I grew up in Minnesota and my parents still live there. I I could live anywhere else now. I actually wouldn't the rest of my life there. Especially now. Soon after I got back I this great guy named Alex and before I knew it we were engaged. He's the kind of guy I've always dreamed of marrying. We never fight and he treats me nicely­ eve­n when I'm depressed. We married for five years and we have just had a second baby. I couldn't be happier.

Lisa and I keep in touch although we don't write to each other we should. She used to visit quite often but since she moved to California we haven't been able to meet. will get better soon. I would really hate it if we never saw each other again. There's so much we can talk about and look back on. No one can take those two wonderful years us.