maths on holiday (1) get real, patience thomson

This isn't the first time that I have become the victim of a vast international conspiracy bad as a parent.

My latest enemy is Patience Thomson, the former head of a school for children with special needs. In an article she wrote for the Telegraph, she that holidays were the ideal time for parents to teach their children. She seemed to that it could all be such fun. The children do not even need to know that they to use their minds properly.

As a responsible parent, I should be giving my sons foreign currency and telling them to the exchange rate. If we went to an amusement park, I should tell them to plan where they wanted to go, and to work out how much time they would be able to spend on each attraction.

Every moment of our holiday could a mathematical problem, which would keep the boys' without their knowing it. I should be asking them to convert meters into inches, and to work out how to cut a pizza into five equal slices. I should be telling them to study , so that they could calculate how long take us to get from A to B, and when we would arrive.

I should be encouraging them to keep holiday diaries or photograph albums. All this would challenge their imaginations and develop their communication and presentation skills. They would return to school with their brains , saying “We just can't wait for school to begin...”

To all of which I say: , Patience Thomson.