maths on holiday (3) how fast can daddy run?

Please don't pass this to my wife, but several weeks ago she asked me to a rented car for us to pick up at Barcelona airport. She had booked our villa and the flights. Only the car was to me. Well, you know how these things are. It my mind until Sunday night, when at last I got to ringing Holiday Autos.

Oh dear, said the man. I could have problems. This was the holiday season, , and the Kemp family would need a six-seater car. There was no that such a car would be available at such short . He promised to ring me back.

I am still waiting for that call, too scared to call again myself. I can imagine the whole Kemp family sitting on the sidewalk outside Barcelona airport on Saturday night, without a car and 20 miles from our villa.

, it should make an interesting mathematical problem for the boys. How fast can daddy run? If he has a two-minute , how long will it take mummy to catch him - and him over the head with the Michelin Guide to Barcelona?