mea culpa (2) constant complainer

Then again, don't I have a right to be this way? Am I not everyone know how I feel? Would it be better if I kept it all inside? People keep telling me it's ok to vent because I am only human. But no, it really isn't ok . I actually like to be around friends. I love to go out and do things and just plain old have fun. But what fun can I be having if do is complain?

VOCAB: keep st bottled up dusit něco v sobě... call for st vyžadovat ... feasible proveditelný, schůdný ... get back on track vzpamatovat se (dostat se zpět do rytmu) ... get st off one's chest ulevit si tím, že něco prozradíte/řeknete ... make amends napravit co jste způsobili, odčinit něco ... sacrifice obětovat ... slip up udělat kiks ... then again ale na druhé straně ... vent vyzuřit se, vylít si hněv, ventilovat

That's what I , a constant complainer. What I really need right now is some time I can settle down, my thoughts and start making amends. I just don't know how feasible that is under these . How do I all the crap I have done? I just hope my boss comes in tomorrow so we can talk about this and I can apologize .

I wrote him an email last night after getting home because I had to get it off right then and there. Now I am determined to get back towards a better and happier me. I don't care how long it takes and how much it calls for. I need to keep myself that this time I can't afford to . I don't think I'd be given another chance.