mexican stand-off (1) mad as hell

My wife, Sylvia, came home from a parent-teacher meeting the day and she was as hell. The whole meeting was in Spanish, which surprised a lot of the parents. There had been no about what language was going to be used and most parents naturally it would be English. Although both my wife and I can follow Spanish a bit, of us can really speak it or even make ourselves in it. Sylvia said that she would have been totally lost if she hadn't told what was being discussed.

Now, my wife not be a native speaker of English, but she speaks it better than a lot of Americans I know. She's sort of like a language —you throw her in and she up any language really quickly, the way kids do. My Czech is not as good as her English, but I did learn the language well enough to get the country by myself. Although I that I'll ever be invited to give a in Czech I have had people me on my accent, which always me and made me work on my Czech even harder.