of mice and women (2) live trap

At the time I wondered if you did it just to me out. Now I'm pretty sure that you did. That's just how you . Way to get my , guys. You really are a very bunch.

I’ve been good to you, mice, I really have. I don't think you can that. I mean, I could easily have bought the cheap dollar-store mouse traps that would snap your little necks like and make the whole problem go away. I actually did consider that but then I figured I would try and beat you fair and .

So instead I chased you with spatulas, paper bags, homemade traps, brooms, hangers, and hair brushes. In the , I couldn’t help but notice how cute you guys all are. So finally, I went out and bought a 15$ “live-trap” which is not to kill mice but to simply catch you so that I could release you into the wild where you .

I catch one of you, which was one more than I'd expected in. I thought the capture might serve as a sort of writing on the for the rest of you. No actual killing was (that would have scared you for sure), but I figured that a mysterious disappearance should be enough of a warning to make you reconsider around here any longer than necessary. For a few days after I didn't see you out with each other, didn't catch you eating my food, or hear you running through my walls. Peace at ? I wish.