of mice and women (3) greed, stupidity, rashness

So you decided to me for what, not being thoughful enough to leave food around the house? What did I do to make you hate me so much? I never quite that out. Still, you seem to have come to the that I needed to be taught a lesson. And not lesson, mind you. You found the trap that I had stored out in the garage while it wasn’t being used and decided to make that small tin box your home.

Eight of you idiots yourself into that trap to get and probably play strip poker and do all sorts of things together while I was away for a week. And you know what the worst part is? You probably had until the very moment that you realized you were in there and couldn't leave.

Oh how I wish I'd been there when it finally . I'd give my to see the expressions on those smug little faces of yours when it finally you that this was it, the end of the line. How did it feel to know you were ? Did you have a fight over whose fault it was for leading you in there? Or were you reasonable enough to admit that you'd this on yourselves? Greed, stupidity, , not thinking things through--did you at any point that that's what got you there in the first place?

Or did you blame someone else? Like me, for setting up the trap? (I didn't, really.) What really went on during those few final hours? Hey, don't leave me . Oh wait, I forgot, you're all dead. I guess I'll be left wondering about that for the rest of my life, I let the same scenario play out one more time with another group of mice. Which, think of it, I might.