michael's story (1) meeting lisa

Hello. My name is Michael and I would like to tell you about a girl I know. She lives in California now but we to spend a lot of time together when she was a teacher of English in the town where I lived. The town is called Uherske Hradiste and it really is a great place to live. I don't live there because I have moved into a house in a small village nearby but I still go there almost every day. Anyway, ten years ago I was living in an apartment in UH when I a call from an American girl named Lisa. She was looking for someone to out with who spoke good English and apparently someone gave her my number.

she was new in town Lisa had already met a lot of people. She was an apartment with another American girl named Mary. Mary had a job teaching English but Lisa . Everyone she asked thought she should teach English at a school but she didn't really like teaching. She felt she wouldn't be very good at it and was afraid of a fool of herself.

So of looking for a job she spent her evenings drinking beer in a bar. And that's we met the same evening. She came with Mary and I a friend with me, too. We had a great time talking and to know each other and we began to meet regularly.