eggs and baskets (1) the smart thing to do

Sometimes I feel like I've wasted the past twenty years. I have worked really hard as a teacher without being appreciated or paid . Don't get me wrong, I love being a teacher and I make decent money and I'm not or anything. But all that, it bothers me that in to own a home or have a comfortable life, I have to have a partner or work overtime.

I actually used to have money. Now I have unpaid and mountains of debt. Christmas is around the corner and I'm pretty much . I keep saying to myself that I need to it rich some day (I haven't quite out how yet) and then pass the money to my kids so they never have to about this stuff, because it .

I may try and sell my house so I can pay off my debt. Honestly, I would do it in a if I knew it's the smart thing to do. But I don't think my house is anything in this market. So I guess I'll just wait a few more years before I it up for sale.

On top of it all I am a big risk by taking money out of my own bank account to pay Rick's expenses. How I never learn my lesson? I remember putting a Hawaii vacation on my credit card when my last boyfriend couldn't up the money for the trip and I really wanted us to go. How dumb am I for the same mistake over and over again? Will I ever learn?