john mortimer: q'n'a (1) eye opener

Eye opener: I get up at 8 a.m. I have a bath and write until lunch. Before I begin writing, I have a glass of Champagne. It my brain going, but I remember on the radio once, and the interviewer asked me, “Are you counseling for that?” that somehow made me an alcoholic.

Always with him: My wheelchair. I have a broken tendon in my knee, and it can’t be operated . It hasn’t any difference, really, I cannot go on walks, I never went on walks much.

Best recent gift: A Charles Dickens letter my wife gave me. He was editing this magazine, and someone wrote to say you’ve lost my manuscript, and he wrote back to say: Really, I am much too busy to about people’s manuscripts. Please keep quiet.

Where he writes: My father, who was a barrister specializing in divorce and a great influence on me, built this house when I was 9. It’s at the of the Chiltern Hills, with 45 acres of woods behind it. The room where I write is the converted garage.

Procrastination technique: Opening letters and replying to them.

On his desk: There’s an ivory lady, which was used by Japanese women who didn’t like to get for doctors. They took these statues and to where it was hurting.