john mortimer: q'n'a (2) three little pigs

His favorite medium: I’ve written memoirs, stories, novels, plays and film and television scripts. The worst is film. Everybody . The director thinks he can do better. His aunt has a good idea she wants him to put in, so the cleaning lady, everyone.

Item of clothing he can’t live without: I have a few nice suits, made by my tailor in Oxford. The people there think that life entirely of tailoring. They every politician by how they dress rather than by their achievements.

Favorite gadget: The ring binder. Do they have those in America? I think it is a magnificent invention. I don’t think anything more useful has invented since the discovery of the ring binder.

Three little pigs: We acquired the pigs last year. My wife was born on a pig farm and has always been very of pigs. Of course, their is to be eaten, is why they are named Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. You wouldn’t want to eat Rufus, Marcus and Esmeralda.

Perfect day: Walk around in the country for an hour or two. Read good of my play in the paper, which never to give me a warm glow inside. Then have all my family come over to see me. Now, that's a perfect day in my .

Fitness routine: Absolutely nil. I had a doctor who said, “Do you get when you take exercise?” I said, “I know.” I can't picture myself putting on one of those tight leotards and getting all . It goes against everything I believe in.