john mortimer: q'n'a (3) some like it hot

What he wanted to be at age 5: An actor. I was to the theater a great deal, and we read Shakespeare aloud when I was young. Mostly, I wanted to show , though. I wanted to know what a great actor I was. I didn't feel I was appreciated enough.

Greatest self-indulgence: Performing on the stage, which I do from time to time. As it , I recently did a sort of play. I read bits of this and that with two actresses in a theater in Islington. I love making audiences laugh and timing jokes. I that fascinating. Some people know how to make others laugh, some don't. I do and I'm not to say it.

Musical accompaniment: The music in my play was performed by someone called Jon Lord, who used to be the keyboard player in a group called Deep Purple. I really didn’t know Deep Purple until he came to live nearby. He's a nice fellow and we get very well. still isn't enough to make me listen to Deep Purple, but at least I have my horizons somewhat.

Some like it hot: When I was a child, we didn’t have central heating, but we do have it now, and I like it hotter even than people do in America. Americans are fond of high temperatures but they have nothing me. Visitors sweat and faint and take off their clothes. I stand by grinning. I feel if I'm directing a play without the actors knowing.

Favorite place in the house: The kitchen. Everybody comes into the kitchen at some time or . If you hang the kitchen long enough, eventually you will to talk to everyone.