I Would Treat The Girl From The Muffler Commercial Right (3)

You this girl loves her job, the way she smiles and shoots with the customers. I mean, obviously I'd rather she had a job where there weren't truck drivers around, because those guys can really make a girl feel uncomfortable. But she's happy, she's free to work wherever she likes. , it would be kind of cool to get a discount on spare parts. But even if she couldn't do that for me, I wouldn't care. Just being able to cuddle with her at the end of a long day would be .

Now, I haven't actually talked to this girl or seen her even though I have stopped at Hart's muffler store a few times to some stuff. Maybe she decided that Hart's was too small-time, and she went to work elsewhere. A girl like that is shoot to the top. Or maybe she works at a different store that look just like this one. Anyway, I'm gonna ask around and find out. Until then I'll just lie awake at night wondering where to find her.

I know what you're thinking: How can I say I'm going to treat the muffler girl right, when everybody knows how awful I was to Kristi? Well, for , Kristi was trash. Unlike Kristi, the muffler girl's got . You can tell by the way she's so polite to the customers. I would never leave this girl stranded out in the middle of the night and then not call her for two weeks, even though our wedding was . You treat a diamond different than you treat trash.

I wish there was some way to with the muffler girl. No one at Hart Muffler seems to know who she is. All I have is the commercial. Muffler girl, if you're reading this, please contact me. I'd be so excited to you, even more than the customer in the commercial. You know, the guy with the tie, the one you spent an hour convincing that the right muffler is important to his car's performance. Call me. You won't .