my day: a freelance computer guy (2) the night

I break for dinner and sometimes take around 9-10pm and I'm usually back at work by 11. It takes me a while to again, but since I have a whole night me I can afford to spend some time procrastinating. Then I put in another shift until 4-6am, or for I can keep my eyes open.

Sure, this kind of schedule may be killing my social life (I don't have one, really), but it's not that . Most people would probably not understand, but I don't mind being on my own. In fact, I prefer it to other people, especially people that I have little with.

Anyway, like I said, the end of the day is when I'm . There are no phone calls or emails to deal with because everyone is in bed by now. I try to so that I don't lose focus or motivation because it tends to throw me off for the rest of the night.

Speaking of the night, I'm about this one and I haven't really made a whole lot of progress on either of the two projects on my to-do-list. So it's . I have at least 3 more hours to go before I can .