My Friend (1) Houses and Bikes

Dear Friend,

When I was eight or nine, none of the kids in my school seemed interested in hanging out with me. I couldn't really them to be honest. Back then I wouldn't have wanted me as a friend either. Not only was I the new kid on the block, I was a bit of a , which made it pretty much impossible for me to make friends. My parents had just divorced, but I never with my dad anyway. He and I talked even before the divorce.

Looking back, I am so that a friend of my dad's sold your family a house right around the corner. If it hadn't been for you, my childhood would have been pure . I remember my dad telling me that there was a new girl moving in down the road and he thought you and I would really . He couldn't have been more right. We basically became best friends .

I was new to riding a bicycle without training wheels while you rode yours like a pro . I was about ten, still shaky on a bike, and too nervous to just take off the training wheels. You never me about that, unlike the other kids who teased me for years. Instead, you patiently explained to me how to falling over until I finally .

We would ride bikes all over the neighborhood. You me how to go over a part of sidewalk that was raised, how to avoid potholes, where to for cops and where to stop at intersections so I wouldn't get by a car. We explored our neighborhood every single day and we had a wonderful time. We with some other neighborhood kids too, but we never got as close to them as we did with each other.