My Friend (2) Potions & Sleepovers

We spent a lot of time in your house, too, especially when it got extremely hot outside. ( it did pretty often.) We would go into your basement and like we were scientists. One time we made this "potion" out of paint, glue, and anything else we could find.

It must have been pretty disgusting now I think about it. We actually dared your brother to drink it one day but I don't really remember if he did. Well, he probably didn't or else he would have died on the .

Whenever it was my birthday, I got so excited about the two of us being the same age. your birthday was right after mine so we only were the same age for a little while. A few days later, you were me again. I was so you over this little thing. Pretty silly, right?

You and I used to have sleepovers almost every weekend. It never which house we stayed at, what mattered was allowed to stay up late, eat popcorn, and watch TV. We got really close those sleepovers. At both houses we always had the basements to .

At your house we would asleep on the comfy chairs or couches, and at my house we'd sleep on the futon. We would each other to see who could stay up the latest. One time we made a fort in our backyard. The entrance to it was a secret. We broke off some branches, them over and put them over the entrance no one would know.