the new girl

Today, my boss called me into his office. I walked in there expecting to be on doing a good job and maybe given a raise. I've been working my butt off these past few weeks and I it was about time he noticed.

Instead, he told me I needed to my own business and not question everything my new co-worker does. This girl is a sloppy worker and a bit of a . She is also very young and kind of cute and I'm pretty sure my boss has a on her. I saw him on her at our Christmas party. She laughed him then but who knows what has happened since.

Anyway, the other day I this girl from giving $6,000 to the wrong person. If I hadn't stopped her, she might have given the money away and we would never have it back. In other words, I saved her ass. I didn't expect her to hug me or anything. A simple thank you would have been .

She didn't thank me, though. In fact, she apparently went and complained to my boss, saying I was being patronizing to her. She also me of making things hard for her at work and suggested that I needed to be away from the other employees. Talk about ingrates. Just thinking about it makes my blood .

Long short, I was fired on the and the new girl was promoted into my job.