old people's magazine (1) tackling life

The tedious pre-death "waiting period" endured by still-alive senior citizens became slightly less boring Tuesday, with the introduction of Old People magazine.

Published by SeniorBeat Press, the magazine has been designed, creator Hal Gurnstein, with one goal : to give the elderly something to read while waiting for death. "People in this country talk a lot something for the elderly," Gurnstein said. "Well, here at Old People magazine, we're not just talking about it. We're doing something about it, tackling the two most important issues facing old people today-namely, boredom, and they haven't died yet."

Old People, the first issue hit newsstands Tuesday, features an oversized format with words printed in gigantic typeface large enough oldest of the old to see clearly. Featuring very large color pictures special "I-Can-Read-It-All-By-Myself" stories--which contain no big words--the magazine's diverting, old-people-pleasing content provide the elderly with a fun and non-threatening experience. Boasts Gurnstein, "This magazine old people occupied for hours in silent reading fun."

The first issue of Old People a photo essay on Franklin D. Roosevelt, as well as articles on the post office, the late Bob Hope, and how pills are dissolved into applesauce make them easier to swallow.