the girl and the car (1) beautiful, huh?

OWEN: Hey, how are you doing today? My name's Owen. How can I help you?
DAVE: Hi. I'm Dave and that girl there is my daughter. She and I have been out some of these cars.
OWEN: The one you're looking at, it's a beauty. And at that price, let me tell you, it's a .
DAVE: It's actually my daughter's dream car. She didn't know it until we here, but now she says she's not leaving without it.
OWEN: Beautiful, huh? With the , the body, this one is almost as good as new.
DAVE: I guess so. We've seen a lot of cars this week, but came even close to this one.
OWEN: Your daughter seems to have her heart on it.

VOCAB: folks lidi … it's a steal no nekup to … mileage spotřeba (benzínu) … body work opravy karosérie … leak protékat … fluid tekutina

DAVE: Well, we've been looking for a really long time. She's tired of going to all these dealerships and prices and listening to car salesmen trying to talk you into bad deals. No offence.
OWEN: None taken. I mean, who wouldn't be by that? If she thinks this is the one, why don't you just go ahead and buy it.
DAVE: That's what she wants me to do.
OWEN: I can't say I her. I mean, there's no point in looking when you've found what you want.
DAVE: So let me ask you, this car, it's never had any body work? No leaky fluids?
OWEN: Well, it's a couple of years old, but, as you can see, it's in great .
DAVE: It is. $18,000 – that's kind of a lot for a used car.
OWEN: Actually, it's not such a bad price. , we have competitive financing options. about I explain those to you now?