st. pat's day (3) the pig guy

I was this one big fat guy who a pig, and who seemed proud of looking like one. Anyway, this guy slammed a beer and puked twice as far as the second place guy. He had style, too, a discus thrower. He drank the beer, leaned forward with his big feet behind the line, made this terrible sound as he puked, like an elephant, and the green stuff shot about twenty-five feet. The crowd roared.

All of the contestants get two chances, and the second time the pig guy . He won at twenty-eight feet and seven inches. The announcer said the guy had beaten the all time record two and a half feet. The crowd ; the pig guy slammed a beer and puked all over the crowd and a riot . Everybody was throwing beer and fighting, it was terrible. I had green beer all over me.

But that wasn't the problem I mentioned before. The main problem that year was that a couple of students apparently died of alcohol poisoning and the university was criticized such contests to take place. The newspapers mentioned the puke for distance riot and some other bad incidents, so the university and the town the festival. They even banned the puke for distance contest. That made me sad.

The next year the festival was , there were too many police and too many new regulations. I never went again after that. Still, you should go see a St Pat's day festival if there is one near you, because you would definitely enjoy it.