paul and walter: the prequel (5) hatchet jobs

PAUL: When you came in, you mentioned something about some articles.
WALTER: Hatchet jobs, you mean. We had to recall certain products strictly . But you know the press. They want to turn everything into a scandal.
PAUL: And when did these articles start to appear?
WALTER: It's no big deal. Some employee with an is feeding nonsense to some reporter who doesn't know she's being used. It's not something I'd .
PAUL: You did also tell me that you've never lost sleep over anything. I guess what I'm trying to find out is when you think that changed.
WALTER: It's funny, I just can't remember. It gradual. You look in the mirror one morning and say, "when did my hair ?" Or you get an email from your daughter the world and you think, "when did my baby grow up?"
PAUL: Your daughter, Natalie, right? When did she leave and when did your insomnia begin? I can imagine if I had a daughter living in Rwanda, I think that would nights.
WALTER: So that's your blink test, Natalie?
PAUL: I'm not so sure that it's that . I think that things may be a little bit more complicated .
WALTER: You sure you're not just trying to get me in here for more sessions?
PAUL: If people could and diagnose themselves, there wouldn't be any need for any kind of drugs or for therapists like me.
WALTER: So what do we do now, doc? Where do we go ?
PAUL: I'm not exactly sure, to . I do think that you are suffering from some kind of an anxiety. And the only way I know to alleviate your symptoms is to figure out what's causing it. And the only way I do that is by talking.
WALTER: I talk to people all day long. It doesn't help me sleep. Sometimes I think if I could just get away somewhere, you know, it all.
PAUL: Why did you smile right now?
WALTER: Just a funny thought.
PAUL: Would you it?
WALTER: With you?
PAUL: That's happens in here.