paul and walter (4) we can ride it out

WALTER: I've worked for the family for over 35 years. I'm like a son to them. They're there for me, they wouldn't kick me .
PAUL: Still, there's obviously something's that's troubling you. What are you thinking about right now?
WALTER: Oh, that's right. You're the fellow who wants me to say whatever .
PAUL: Well, , I don't have enough information to go on.
WALTER: Ok. The Donaldsons had a son, James. We were in the war together, helping people who were us. Those ingrates. It just thinking about it.
PAUL: Isn't it always like that? In a war, I mean.
WALTER: I guess so. It's kind of disappointing. Anyway, when James and I got back to the States, I and he brought me into the company. If I'd him as much over here as we did for each other over there, he might still be around.

VOCAB: at stake v sázce, jde o blow over přehnat se (krize etc.) bond pouto degree zde: diplom z univerzity having said that na druhé straně ale ingrate nevděčník reinforce posílit ride st out něco přestát ve zdraví take its toll vybrat si daň take shots at sb střílet po wait st out počkat až něco přejde, přečkat

PAUL: He's not anymore? What happened to him?
WALTER: He drove too fast. He was in an accident.
PAUL: he died, in a car crash? You couldn't really have prevented that, could you?
WALTER: I guess not. But it still broke my heart.
PAUL: But you're suggesting that his death actually between you and James' family.
WALTER: It did, . They knew I'd done right by James. I wasn't to happened to him. And it taught me a lot, too. You see a family go through a loss like that, you know they can handle a crisis where no one's life .
PAUL: That's good to know, very reassuring. It sounds to me like you're going to . But having said that, the crisis is on all of you as we speak.
WALTER: It's not that big a deal. It will before you know it. These things always do. We just have to wait it out.