interesting peevee (2) living it up

Now I am in LA and living it up. I go out, I enjoy flirting, I love to , it has been a long time since I have met somebody that I would rather want to stay home with than go out. Even though I can only go out often, if I am having a good week, I go out pretty much every night.

She me to put my right hand up and swear that I was going to tell the truth. It was over pretty quickly. I thought that I might get asked some questions, in something about 9/11 given the date, but there was nothing unusual, no question was meant to catch me out.

You admit when you are wrong. Nobody is perfect; we all make mistakes from time to time. When you make the wrong decision, face up to it. Don't prevaricate, don't for time and most importantly don't try to bullshit your way out of it because it'll in your face. Just be a man. The people who work for you will appreciate your honesty.

I've been on one date with this guy. We've been texting regularly this week, but I'm still confused what he thinks of me. I like the that we're going at, hanging out and getting to know each other. But I can't help wondering if he only considers me a friend, or if he's interested and feeling me out before he .

Just as she jumped in, my sister got scared and let go of me. It caught me off . I tried to find something to on to, but there was nothing. I fell head-first into the fountain, hitting my forehead on something and I immediately began bleeding. (I have forgiven my sister long ago and we have since patched up our relationship.)