interesting peevee (3) beef it up

Don't by making poor presentations look good. Polishing a piece of trash only you with a polished piece of trash. You will be harshly (and deservedly so) if you attempt to put one over on your boss who's been here long enough to know the difference between real information and polished .

Monday night I was running some after work (grocery shopping etc.) and grabbed a box of goldfish crackers to tide me over until I got home. I ate them too fast, then got stuck in traffic and was PBing slime and goldfish for 3 hrs. Taught me a lesson, though. Never things will go smoothly when you really need them to.

I know you and Joe are busy people, but I wondered if it would be ok with you if I gave you a daughter with a very rare skin disease. It's going to you both through struggles like you never imagined, so I just wanted to run it by you before this baby is born. You can still if you think you will be your heads.

Rough off-road terrain and extreme are not a problem with this engine. It is so fast, in fact, that the designers made improvements to the gear cases and other parts of the truck to beef it up so it could the extra power. With a top speed of over 70kph, hitting a ramp with a truck this size is something that absolutely must be seen to be believed.