dishwasher pete: restaurant b

A few weeks ago, I went to work at my boss's new restaurant for a couple of nights. I wondered if all the problems of the dishwashing at "Restaurant A" that I mentioned in my last letter had been at the new "Restaurant B." This was my boss's chance to prove to all of us that he wasn't a , that he was in fact serious about this thing right and making .

I , put on an apron, and went to find the dishroom. I'd seen the for this place so I knew exactly where the dishroom was supposed to be. But it wasn't there. , it wasn't anywhere. When the cook me to the three sinks in the back of the kitchen, I something was seriously wrong.

I stared at the sinks, stunned by the complete of counter space when another cook walked me and said, "We hot water here pretty fast, so don't use the hot water you absolutely have to." one minute, all my enthusiasm was gone. The same that bothered us back at restaurant A kept popping up here and were also .