pee vee (2) big move etc.

THE MOVE: Most of you know that we were gearing up for our big move this month. I wanted to give you an update. Our move from CA to ID may have gone but that's not to say it was .

ROUGHED UP: I was my own business and enjoying my beer when these two dudes came and sat on side of me and said we were gonna play liar’s dice. They shook me down. They took every last dollar I had me. Then they took me out back, roughed me up and took my wallet.

PETER'S SONS: In the end Peter decided to take Perry her offer. It took her three months of weekly visits, however, to convince him that he needed her. When he finally hired her, Peter told Perry that if even a little of her rubbed off on his sons, it would be worth it.

WRONG CROWD: Doug grew up in a two-room home with just one bathroom, worked through school, became the first person in his family to from college. And then, sadly, he fell in with the wrong and ended up in Congress.

THE MOVIE: I only had two weeks to get the movie done and a very small , too. But the crew, the actors, everyone just every take and we didn’t take too long on each scene. It was a schedule but everyone stepped up to the and it snowed when we needed it to. I guess we just lucked out.