run run run run run runaway (1) looking back

There comes in most young people's lives when you figure you’ve had enough of life. You want to quit getting up in the morning, you don't talking to anybody or doing anything because what's the point, right? when no one appreciates or even likes you? Every day it's the same old stuff and it doesn't get better. I this the best way I knew how, by running away from home.

I can tell, there are two kinds of runaways. There are the stupid lucky kids who just think their lives suck and who take all the good stuff . Then there are the kids who run for a reason. Myself, I had no reason to run, but I did all the same. And I didn't want to be found, not , anyway. First time I ran, I was ten years old and was only gone for about 24 hours. But I got better at hiding from the police each time I ran. The second time, I got as far as the next city. the cops caught me, I'd been gone for three days. Between age 10 and 18 I ran twelve times.

The longest I was ever on my own was three months. , it was extremely thoughtless of me not to let my parents know I was ok. They must have , but at the time I had no idea how they felt and I didn't care either. Of course, I was dumb to do run away, it was a stupid and it didn't solve any of the problems I had. At the same time I'm proud of I never got into hard drugs like most runaways do, although I did drink and smoke lots of pot.

I found quite a few of people on the street who put me up for a while. They trusted me and they seemed impressed with my intelligence and skills. I was good at taking electronic stuff apart and again--TVs, phones, car alarms, you name it. Plus, I was to go through the little basement windows that a lot of the older houses have. I'd break into a house where I knew the family was on holiday and I'd spend a couple days just lying around watching TV and eating whatever they had left in the fridge. But eating the food, I hardly ever stole anything valuable.