Fraternizing with the Enemy (1) Poooothoooole

This morning, I left the running shoes in the closet, the Nike shorts in the drawer, and the energy drinks in the . I put on padded shorts and an awesome helmet. My plan was to arrive early for a group ride taking off at the bike store that I bought my bike at. However, it turns out that leaving for a bike ride takes a lot longer than leaving for a run: first you have to take the bike, then you back the car out of parking spot so you can load the bike and then you make a second trip from the house to the car to bring the helmet/water bottle/keys. Once that's all done, you the diaper that's in your biking shorts and off.

The idea was for me to in, but that bit the the minute I arrived at the meeting spot. I was literally the only one without clip-in shoes (or whatever those things are called. Clipless shoes? Clip-on shoes? Shoe pedals? Who cares.) I didn't want to blow my before we even started, so I did my best to make my lower half invisible. Of the 30 something people that were in the parking lot, one guy walked up and started talking to me. He said I looked like a runner (what me away?). Then he went on to tell me of running trails in South Charlotte that ran 3 miles. I told him if it wasn't at least 6 miles, it wasn't worth getting out of bed for. I felt like a for saying that. But I just can't help myself. When it comes to running, I it like I see it.

I kept company with the "C" Group, also known as "The Slow Group." The slow group was divided between the "average slow" and " slow." Fortunately, I was able to keep up with the first. We rode along the back roads of these wonderful rural towns. Farms, cows, corn fields... you it, we rode past it. What I found amusing (and annoying in equal measure) was how vocal everyone in the group was. If there was on the road, literally everyone pointed it out (same thing for turns). If there was a car passing us, everyone said it. If we were about to pass a runner, it was "runner up."

It reminded me of that one episode of Gilmore Girls where there's a bike race going through town. Right in front of the , there's a pothole and every single biker passing by yells, "pothole," even though the person behind them can see there's a pothole. Eventually, it drives Luke crazy and he starts yelling at the cyclists to shut the up. Anyway, I didn't really it necessary to add my "car back!" yell to the 18 others that were already yelling the same thing.