My Sister (2)

Age 4 - Stephanie loves to put on a show. I would rather play with my Barbies alone in my room, but she won't let me. She makes me dress up and she gives me lines to say loud. I don't mind being her puppet, I just wish I could be my own for a while.

Age 6 - My sister was sure to always keep me line. Growing up we told we looked like twins. But it didn't matter. She told me I was adopted. Then she said my parents liked her better because they known her longer. I was too young to see all her lies. There were too many of them to keep track so I chose to believe her.

Age 7 - Whenever my dad got mad us he made us sit in our rooms and read. I'm not sure why he made it look like a punishment (he's a huge reader himself). And we weren't allowed to lie down when we read, we had to sit up. If we mouthed around bedtime he would punish us by sending us to bed early and tucking us in really tight so we couldn't move and then unplugging our TV. One of us would loose and then untuck the other. Then we would plug the TV back in and turns being on the lookout for dad. We thought we were being sneaky, but it turns out that he knew exactly what we were doing and he knew this would us to stop fighting every time.

Age 8 - When we weren't putting on plays, we were playing school. This meant that my sister would teach me everything she was learning in school and yell me if I didn't get it. Obviously I got everything wrong most of the time. I could barely tell time back then, alone do math.

Age 10 - Even though neither of us believed Santa at this point, strict Christmas rules still applied. (Stephanie still, to this day, wakes up at dawn and bounces around the house singing Christmas songs.) We don't eat until after we have opened up our presents. We take turns opening the presents, one a time. We are supposed to be excited about each other's presents but we aren't allowed to express any envy.