skating away (1) on the thin ice of a new day

It turned I had to skate first, so I went straight from warm-up to performing. I felt like my ChaCha was okay – there was stuff I’d have done differently if I’d been thinking straight, put my head where it was supposed to be on the end pattern, but at least I wasn’t looking down once. My Fiesta Tango was below par though. I messed the turn both times and ended up feeling pretty disappointed myself. I wondered what Dan thought, but we have a habit of not discussing my performance until all the other girls are done skating.

So I got to see the other skaters go, and the end I felt like I had a decent chance for third place because the fourth girl was very anxious, couldn't bend her knees properly and her performance was all the place. Afterwards Dan and I went the corrections–I told him what I thought needed fixing, and he seemed to agree with me.

Then I changed street clothes and went to Starbucks. When I was ballet, once you were done, that was , you just changed and left. It’s apparently different in skating. While I was gone, I missed the scores going . It’s not like on TV where you sit in the little area and somebody announces them. Here they print them and post them on the wall everyone to read.

I wasn’t even planning looking at the scores. Since it was my first competition my original plan was to think of it a recital and not worry about placement. But then I thought I might have won third place, so I went checked. Dan was on the ice getting Laura ready, so I didn’t have anyone to help me make sense of the table. It was confusing–I kept showing first, but then I skated first so I figured that explained my name being up top.