chewing skoal (1) an american thing to do

I used to chew Skoal. Chewing was an American do. I started, at twelve, with a can of Skoal hidden in my room. I chewed it my parents left the house. It got me very dizzy. soon I was chewing all the time, and I did not get dizzy from it ; it was a habit. I was not the only tobacco chewer in America. A lot of us guys in high school chewed it. We were Skoal brothers, as we it; we even developed an etiq­­u­­ette. Never take a guy's last dip, for example, if he offers.

If you swallowed the tobacco juice of spitting you could get a sick feeling in your stomach, so at school we made spittoons. We rolled notebook paper and folded up the pointed end, then spat in the open end. We spat when the teacher wasn't looking. By the end of class our paper spittoons were full so we had to get rid of them. We our spittoons into the trash can after class on the way out the door. I am amazed that I never caught spitting in a spittoon. We have been really slick our chewing because we were doing it right in front of the teachers. We were no amateurs. Even sneaking a chew in class was like a spy movie.