who's your daddy now (1) what were you thinking?

HENRY: Mom? Hey, how is it going?
MOM: I haven't heard you in months. What are you calling me for?
HENRY: Actually, I need your help. I'm dad's. I need to borrow money.
MOM: From Dad? Are you out of your ?
HENRY: What's with borrowing money from your parents?
MOM: Well, did Dad ever you use anything that was his?
HENRY: Not I know of, no.
MOM: What makes you think he's going to do it now?
HENRY: Well, I haven't asked him for anything years.
MOM: Makes no . What were you thinking?
HENRY: Look, here's the . I'm desperate. I got laid off. I'm pretty much broke. I'm starving.
MOM: That's still not reason to go see your Dad. You should have come to me first.
HENRY: I would have, if you didn't live across the world.
MOM: Right. Anyway, what kind of advice do you expect me to give you?
HENRY: Well, you were married to the guy. What makes him ?
MOM: I wish I could tell you. Never quite that out.
HENRY: Well then, what's the best way to get money from him?
MOM: Never found that out . And it wasn't for of trying.