who's your daddy now (2) mellowed

HENRY: So what I do? If this doesn't work out, I'm in big trouble.
MOM: about you do what I did?
HENRY: I can't well divorce him, can I?
MOM: I not. Well, looks like I won't be much help.
HENRY: Actually, I be overthinking this. I haven't even seen the guy in two years.
MOM: have I. What does that have to do with ?
HENRY: Maybe he's different now. What if he's ?
MOM: Are we talking about the same guy here?
HENRY: Mom, come on. People change, you know.
MOM: Sure, people do. But this is your Dad we're talking about.
HENRY: I know the two of you a lot, but don't be so on the guy.
MOM: I'm sorry, but I'm sick and tired of hearing people make for him.
HENRY: Well, I bet he's changed. I'm sure he's a better person now.
MOM: Yeah right. Don't your hopes up, son.
HENRY: I won't. You pretty took all my hopes away.
MOM: Sorry. Anyway, sure to let me know how it .
HENRY: I will. Wish me luck, mom.
MOM: Ok. You're gonna need it.