smoke: here's the address

Paul and Rashid are still sitting at the Greek diner.
Paul: I don't mean to be nosy, but I see a kid walking around with a big rucksack on his back, and I begin to all his possessions aren't in there. Are you in some kind of trouble or what? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but I to help.
Rashid: You don't know me. We've never met before.
Paul: That's true. But I also owe you something, and I'm not sure that buying you a hamburger is going to . What is it? Family problems? Money problems?
Rashid: I've run away from home, you see. It has nothing my parents or money. I saw something I wasn't see, and for now I'd better keep myself out of sight.

Paul: You can't be more specific ? So where have you been staying ?
Rashid: . Around.
Paul: Uh-huh. One of those cozy bed and breakfast places, probably.
Rashid: Yeah, that's right.
Paul: there's no bed, is there? And no breakfast either.
Rashid: The material world is an illusion. It doesn't matter if they're there or not. The world is in my head.

Paul: But your body is in the world, isn't it? If someone offered you a , you wouldn't refuse, would you?
Rashid: People don't do thing. Not in New York.
Paul: I'm not people. I'm just me. And I do whatever I want to do. Got it?
Rashid: Thanks, but I'll manage.
Paul: you're wondering, I like women, not little boys. And I'm not offering you a long-term lease -- just a place to stay for a couple of nights.
Rashid: I can of myself. Don't worry.
Paul: Okay. But if you change your mind, here's the address.